Slide Scientific & Technical Sessions


Scientific and technical sessions offer a broad spectrum of research work and innovation activities. The reviewed papers are presented by authors either as podium or poster presentations.


The sessions follow sixteen tracks of conference themes:


1.1 User-focus and inclusive mobility

1.2 Connected and automated multimodal mobility

1.3 Innovation and the use of data, ITS and AI

1.4 Efficient and innovative logistics

2.1 Carbon neutrality and zero-emission vehicles

2.2 Energy efficiency, electrification and alternative fuels

2.3 Sustainable interurban and urban mobility

2.4 Greening freight transport

3.1 Single market for TEN-T and the wider Europe

3.2 Intelligent, resilient and cooperative infrastructure systems

3.3 Innovative hubs

3.4 Safety and security

4.1 Transport planning and policy for recovery and resilience

4.2 Innovative business and governance models

4.3 Internalisation of transport externalities and pricing Carbon

4.4 Supporting competitiveness and industrial policy