Webinar #4 – TRA2022 Conference Highlights

See the recording of our last webinar – TRA2022 Conference Highlights!


On Monday, 26 September 2022, took place the last session of the TRA2022 webinar series related to the Conference in Lisbon.


Moderated by António Buscardini, CEO at Buscardini Communications, the online event focused on the Conference programme, going from the plenaries sessions to the technical visits, the exhibitors floorplan and sponsors. The webinar was welcomed by the European Commission, featuring presentations by local hosts and organisers, such as ANI and LNEC.



We would like to thank you for your participation, engagement, and for making this event such a success. A full video recording of the webinar is available on Youtube.


Below you can download some of the presentations:


  1. Patrick Mercier-Handyside, European Commission (speech only)
  2. Ana Ribeiro, Turismo de Lisboa (speech only)
  3. Luis Maia & Marta Pinto, ANI
  4. Ana Cristina Freire, LNEC
  5. Mariana Vasconcelos, CCL