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The TRA2022 webinars are a series of webinars aimed to promote the TRA2022 to the transport community ahead of the conference in November 2022. The webinars will focus on the TRA2022 themes, conference sessions, exhibition, sponsorships and technical demonstrations and other relevant topics


TRA2022 Conference Highlights

26 September  •  11:30 – 13.00 CET

The “TRA2022 Conference Highlights” webinar took place on Monday, 26 September, from 11:30 to 13.00 CET. The webinar shed light on the Conference programme focusing on what you can expect from each day in detail, going from the plenaries sessions to the technical visits, the exhibitors’ floorplan and sponsors. The webinar was welcomed by the European Commission, featuring presentations by local hosts and organisers, such as ANI and LNEC and was moderated by Antonio Buscardini.

TRA Third Webinar - Save the Date


Talking 360º Transport with TRA2022

19 May •  11:30 – 13.00 CET

The second part of the TRA2022 webinar series focused on European Technology Platforms will take place on 19 May at 11:30 (CET). During the online session, we will discuss four transport modes and the roles of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE), The European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC), WaterborneTP and European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP).


Advancing European Industry with TRA2022

23 February  •  11:00 – 12.30 CET

The “Advancing European Industry with TRA2022” webinar will take place on Wednesday, 23 February at 11:00 – 12.30 CET. The upcoming TRA2022 webinar session will include speakers from several European Technology Platforms and see discussions focused on innovations in the industry. Particularly important for this first webinar dedicated to the industry perspective is the road transport and logistics role in research and how their leadership can bring innovation agendas and ideas on the EU table.

Advancing European Industry with TRA2022
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Moving together: Getting to know TRA2022

18th October 2021   •   15:00-16:30

This first TRA2022 webinar session focused on the main themes and the call for abstracts of TRA2022 conference as well as the TRA Visions competition. This webinar is the first one of the series of TRA2022 webinars ahead of the conference in November 2022 where we will present the conference programme and highlights