Join TRA Visions 2022 Event on December 6th!

TRA VISIONS 2022 Event on December 6th!


Announcement of TRA VISIONS 2022 Young Researcher Competition.


TRA VISIONS 2022 project is organising a competition for young transport researchers. The competition covers 5 modes of transport, namely Road, Rail, Waterborne, Airborne and Cross-modality. Single students or groups can submit their project to one of these categories and win up to 5000 Euro (first place prize). The finalists for each mode will be invited to the TRA2022 Conference in Lisbon and receive their prizes amidst representatives of industry, European Commission and other stakeholders of the field.


TRA VISIONS 2022 partner – Deep Blue – will hold an open and online launch event on December 6th, 12:30 – 13 CET. Students from any faculty and background who have innovative ideas are welcome to apply to TRA VISIONS Young Research Competition.


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